the results are in for maple bear dubai fitness challenge 2018



The return of Dubai Fitness Challenge this year got us all worked up again at Maple Bear Burj. Our preschool students took on the Sheikh's challenge to all schools, nurseries and organizations big and small with pride, and every Thursday in November, we got together to run, skip, jump, stretch and play in the Moose Room overlooking the canal in Business Bay.

Kitted out in their athletic gear, our nursery students didn't disappoint - whether it be with moves or with enthusiasm. 


4        X         30        X        90  = 10 800 

Days        Minutes        Participants            Fitness Minutes

Learning the importance of physical fitness and building healthy habits, athletic skills and a spirit of sportsmanship from an early age have guaranteed positive spinoffs for the rest of life. With childhood obesity worryingly on an uptrend and the increasing inclination of youth and children to turn to technology for idle entertainment, the emphasis on physical development and movement that is an essential component of the Maple Bear early years program is well placed. Activities such as the Dubai Fitness Challenge further provide an opportunity for teachers at our nursery to model the same positive habits and participate with the students in embracing a healthy lifestyle, and we already can't wait for next years challenge.