learning to stay safe can start in preschool!



It is crucial in these times to assert the importance of staying safe and knowing how to spot danger, as well as how to stay safe in a high risk scenario. By practicing emergency preparedness with kids and discussing subjects and phrases such as 'stranger danger' and 'silent drop' at school, Maple Bear aims to make effective physical safety measures intuitive to our young ones, all the way from Toddler class to Kindergarten 2 . Key to successful emergency management in a preschool environment is an ability on the part of the staff to enforce procedures in a calm and effective manner without causing undue stress or alarm to the children. At Maple Bear Burj, a playful approach is adopted without compromising the key lessons that the kids are intended to learn.

Communicating with your child about staying safe

Although we are blessed with strong public safety enforcement, particularly in downtown Dubai, parents are encouraged to discuss and practice a family emergency preparedness plan with their little ones and to help them recognize when to act quickly.