Part of the Alliance for Sustainable Schools

Maple Bear UAE is part of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools, becoming the first nursery group worldwide that is a member of the TASS community.

In 2023, Maple Bear UAE took a big leap forward in its approach to sustainability, taking a pledge to be active contributors to fostering a greener future . Building upon years of incremental shifts that had already been taking place, Maple Bear UAE has now adopted a holistic approach to sustainability, embracing practices that preserve and protect our precious environment, and pursuing conscious choices and collaborative efforts with global partners to reduce our ecological footprint, create renewable resources, and champion the cause of conservation.

Becoming a TASS member organization is in line with the commitment to learn, act, and lead with sustainability in mind.

About TASS:

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) is a non-profit network of schools working together to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. All TASS members share a commitment to the principles of the Sustainable Schools Charter. As a community of practise, The Alliance connects sustainability practitioners in schools around the world, sharing their learnings and amplifying their impact. As an agent of change, TASS harnesses the collective influence of its members, engages with their students, and partners with innovative organisations in their local communities to catalyse systems change in five focus areas – school food, school buses, school uniforms, school buildings and education for sustainability.

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