Giving children an environment that is both nurturing and challenging is the key to supporting early years development and growth. At our preschool and kindergarten programs, we offer a nurturing and challenging environment for your child's early years education. Our curriculum focuses on play-based learning, creativity, problem-solving, and social development, while emphasizing inclusivity and diversity.

Our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing innovative experiences for learning within the best nursery andpre-school facilities and resources to support your child's learning journey. We aim to prepare your child for the future by offering a well-rounded education with a range of activities and opportunities for exploration.

We understand that choosing the best nursery l is a crucial decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way.The eight developmental areas are fundamental to our early childhood curriculum and are addressed every day through careful planning by teachers.

The Maple Bear 8 areas of development

An innovative and stimulating curriculum

Nurturing Future Leaders

At Maple Bear, we believe that critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are essential skills for success in the modern world. Our curriculum is designed to encourage and develop these skills in our students. By fostering a love of learning, we inspire curiosity, exploration, and imagination, Read More which are all essential for developing critical thinking skills. Our experienced teachers provide a secure, stimulating, and nurturing environment where students can thrive and develop their skills. We provide resources to support a child's overall development and to help them become confident and independent learners. Less

Maple Bear has one of the best pedagogical models in the world.

The Maple Bear curriculum is written by our team of Canadian educational experts who deliver annual teacher training at each school.

We are partner to parents

We understand that parent involvement is vital for a child's success. We are committed to providing your child with a world-class education and believe in building an engaged community that surrounds each classroom. We recognize the importance of effective communication Read More between parents and teachers and prioritise daily communication through both a mobile app and ample face-to-face time. This allows parents to stay informed about their child's progress and participate in their learning journey. Our warm, stimulating, safe, and secure environment ensures that your child will thrive and receive the best education. We are dedicated to working with parents to create a collaborative and supportive learning environment that fosters a love of learning and prepares students for a bright future. Less

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