the maple bear global network brings school owners together



With over 300 schools in 16 countries, Maple Bear truly is a global organization. Along with informing themes of intercultural understanding within the curriculum, the global span of Maple Bear means that school owners enjoy the advantage of learning from each other’s experiences and growing their schools together through connections formed within the Maple Bear network.

In May, the President of the Maple Bear Brazil School Owners Association Frank Barcellos visited Maple Bear Burj and met Leena Narain proud owner of Maple Bear Burj, thé branch in Business Bay Dubai. Frank’s visit was sparked by his desire to explore the best practices his colleagues in other parts of the world are employing in stewardship of their school while sharing those applied at Maple Bear schools in Brazil, as well as having a chance to see how the Maple Bear education system adapts to complement regional customs, meet local regulatory requirements, and deliver the highest quality of education while maintaining its unique Canadian methodology of instruction.

Both school owners exchanged insights and look forward to sharing expertise, as well as to have the chance to host each other again soon.