maple bear nursery students and team organize beach clean-up



Nursery students, families and Maple Bear staff came together to help tidy up a beach in Umm Suqeim


Little may they be, the students of Maple Bear Nurseries across Dubai are already well aware of the role they can play in protecting the environment. On Saturday morning, the Maple Bear UAE staff organized a beach clean-up for their students ranging from 2 years to 6 years old, with over 100 families turning up for the activity.


All set with clean-up equipment generously sponsored by noon, the Maple Bear family took over the Umm Suqeim beach, safely collecting litter found in the sand and near the shore. Dubai Municipality staff supported the disposal process under the #anhourwiththecleaner campaign launched earlier this year by Dubai municipality. 

Maple Bear UAE COO Leena Narain was overwhelmed at the turn-out and interest from families to participate in the Saturday morning activity. “At Maple Bear we are proud of our eco-conscious ethos, and strive continually to take incremental steps towards being a sustainable organization in our operational and commercial footprint, not just in our instructional program. This year in particular is huge for us, as we’ve taken a pledge alongside our students to think, act, lead and teach with the environment and planet in mind. Of course, with COP28 taking place in just a few weeks, the awareness around climate action is incredible and in fact even our own parents have been thanking us for bringing sustainability education into or curriculum.” 


Nida Hussain, Director of Marketing and Communications, noted that by bringing together the entire learning community, the idea is to create not just a memorable moment for the children, but hopefully one that plants the seed for a lifelong love for sustainability and environmental action, and that inspires others to think and act similarly.“We really wanted to provide our children with a sense of community by engaging them in an engaging and meaningful experience in environmental conservation, and also to lead by example.”


In line with this pledge, the Nursery group has also launched a tree-growing collaboration with Finca Cántaros Environmental Association, a Canadian environmental non-profit organization based in Costa Rica, contributing to the Association with each new student enrolment here in the UAE to further their tree-growing and sustainability education program. 

“It’s really great to see that they are learning a sense of responsibility even at a young age” said Joanna, mom of one of the little ones participating. “My daughter has been really eager to share with me all the things she has come to know from her teachers at nursery, and even gives us tips when we are doing things at home, like how to recycle plastic or to turn off the lights. It definitely puts a smile on your face when they are getting excited about the environment, it’s so important for their own future in fact.”


After the clean up concluded, the nursery staff had activities, games, and music set up allowing the group to take advantage of the excellent weather and to celebrate the little wins, but big lessons, that the young environmentalists had gained that day.