green initiatives program being introduced at maple bear early learning center



In preparing students for a global future, the Maple Bear program integrates socially conscious thinking and behaviour, both in the curriculum as well as in day to day aspects of school administration.

We are proud to announce that this year, we are introducing a green initiatives program which involves a fresh take on all aspects of the school day. Along with introducing measures such as reduced paper consumption and waste recycling, we are going to be working with parents and students to sustain the cycle of reduce, reuse and recycle at home.

This week, a reusable stainless steel water bottle has been sent home with each student, labelled with the name of the child it belongs to. These bottles are BPA free and non-toxic, and we encourage families to use the bottles at school and even when on the road and out and about. Together we can help reduce the enormous number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill daily, and do our part to make the future more sustainable for the next generation.

Along with the eliminating plastic water bottles, Maple Bear classrooms will be :

  1. Reducing plastic consumption in all aspects of the school day (for example, eliminating the use of plastic straws and bags in the classroom in crafts and activities) and substituting with sustainable and recyclable materials
  2. Adopting the use of recycling bins in the classrooms to segregate, reuse, and recycle waste
  3. Developing an understanding of the harmful long-term effects of waste, such as endangerment of other species and habitat loss
  4. Hosting events and activities for parents to see how far the school has come in reducing our ecological footprint
  5. Eliminating dependence on paper in school operations (fun fact: we have reduced the number of paper tools used in school administration to just 1!)
  6. Monitoring energy consumption and working to conserve power at the school

We will continue to share milestones in our greening journey with parents and the community as we implement the initiatives of the program, and welcome feedback and suggestions to do an even better job.